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Are you unable to walk your dog due to your current circumstances, commitments at work, convalescing after an operation, illness or just out for the day? Whatever the reason, let Lead the Way Dog Services ease your stress and do it for you!


Initially Lead the Way Dog Services will arrange to meet you and your family dog at your home for an “Initial Consultation Meeting & Registration” this is FREE of charge. Every dog is assessed for behavioural qualities such as likes and dislikes, allergies he or she may have, temperament and breed traits before any bookings are undertaken.  I am fully insured and vetted by Disclosure Scotland.  Certificates will be provided at the initial meeting as well.


It is essential that I am able to offer a professional service and that you have 100% faith in me...then the fun begins! Whatever the weather, Lead the Way Dog Services are committed to exercising and caring for your pet. I will collect your dog and take them for a fun walk on a safe, designated route.  Walks normally take place at one of the following: Roukenglen Park, Queens Park, Pollok Park, Linn Park and Cathkin Braes.  These are great areas for socialising your dog, as well as being peaceful and ideal for your dog to safely explore.


Dogs can benefit greatly from a long, energetic and fun walk and are then less likely to develop behavioural problems, as this ensures they are released from boredom and isolation.  All dogs benefit from exercise physically and mentally, after all dogs are pack animals and sociable creatures just like us.  It is important to me that your dog is well exercised  and cared for on every walk.


Your dog will receive individual attention as well as the companionship of other dogs. Lead the Way will ensure that your pet is returned to your home towel dried and ready to be welcome you back home.  Each walk lasts for around one hour; you have the option of morning, afternoon or both.  Group walks are NEVER more than 6 dogs out at any one time and all dogs need to be fully vaccinated.  If you wish your dog to be walked on an individual basis this is not a problem and older dogs and puppies can be given exercise at a pace more suitable to their ability.  Safety starts the second I collect your dog











I can collect your pup and take them for a short 30 minute walk, allowing them to get out and explore wildlife and different scents.  This will help with toilet training your puppy and to  familiarise them with me and the outdoors before joining the group walks and making new friends.


Alternatively, if your puppy isn't quite ready to get out and explore, I can visit your home for 30 minutes which includes feeding, playing and toileting.

If your dog isn't up for long energetic walks anymore.  Don't worry, as I offer a service to take your dog out for anything upto 30 minutes for a short stroll round a park so they can still experience the outdoor sociable life and get to meet other dogs on the way and generally have fun.  If they are or not up for a walk, I'll be there just to keep them company.


I will never push your elderly dog and always keep clients updated of their limitations.

I do not use a van to transport dog(s) from your home to a safe park as from experience, most dogs find being placed in a van with other dogs very stressful since they are enclosed in a dark area where they cannot see their surrounding or the other dogs.  This can lead to dogs fighting or wanting to get out at any opportunity when the back doors are open.  I use the 4x4 which is as spacious as a van and your dog(s) can be placed in a cage when necessary.  Being bright, spacious and air conditioned (even tinted windows to keep cool on those hot days) allows the journey to be part of the experience and will mean your dog is always relaxed.

Something that my clients give excellent feedback on, are special arranged event walks to different places such as the beach (Troon, Barassie, Largs etc).  These are places a bit further out and another great way to stimulate your dog with a great walk at an exciting new place.

This is a very unique and personal service that I like to offer and is only the cost of a regular dog walk.  This is a service that no other dog walking service offers.

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